Console Font For High Res Monitor RL9

On my Fedora instances I installed “terminus-fonts-console” so that I could get a larger font at the console, ter-v32n. This font does not seem to be available on the rocky repos I have enabled (crb epel). What are folks using to enable legible fonts on rocky?

RPM resource terminus-fonts-console seems to disagree.

[EL9]$ dnf -q --enablerepo=epel list terminus\*
Available Packages
terminus-fonts.noarch                      4.49.1-1            epel
terminus-fonts-console.noarch              4.49.1-1            epel
terminus-fonts-grub2.noarch                4.49.1-1            epel
terminus-fonts-legacy-x11.noarch           4.49.1-1            epel

I wasn’t thinking this AM. I had not enabled crb on the vm. Fonts now installed.

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