Connect to MariaDB server from Windows?


One of my clients has asked for a setup that’s a bit unusual. I installed him a minimal Rocky Linux 8.7 server with a MariaDB database server. The whole thing is running as a guest system on Windows Server.

There’s a Windows guest system running on that same server, and an application running on that VM has to connect to the MariaDB server running on Linux.

I’m currently looking for a simple MySQL/MariaDB command line client for Windows that would allow me to test the connection. I’ve already tested remote connections locally on my workstation, and it works fine. But I’m 100% Linux here, so my testing capacities for Windows are a bit limited.

What do I have to install on Windows to get the simple mysql command that would allow me to test the connection via a simple mysql -u dbuser -p dbuserpass -h <ip_address> ? On Linux that would be a simple dnf install mariadb.


On Windows, I tend to use the graphical tools like HeidiSQL. There are other graphical tools as well like SQL Workbench.

Never attempted CLI tools on Windows, so cannot offer a solution for that. I stay away from Windows as much as possible. I only touch it if I’m forced to.

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I just found a solution that’s not exactly intuitive. I downloaded and installed MariaDB server. During the setup procedure, I unchecked everything except the client. Worked like a charm.



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Same here, welcome to the club. Sometimes Windows-proficient companies call me to do some Linux work for them, and sometimes I have to get my hands dirty on the Windows side to test my configuration.