Installation of ms sql server 2016 on rocky linux9

i just wish to know , is sql server supported on rocky linux9?
i mean can we install ms sql server 2016 and later on rocky linux9?
if yes what is the steps for it ?


Hey there!

As Microsoft does not list Rocky Linux on their Supported OS table, you might want to ask that Microsoft themselves (support call): Installation guidance for SQL Server on Linux - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

Beside supported, working should be mssql-server 2017, 2019 and 2022 on Rocky Linux 8, and 2022 on Rocky Linux 9 as MS lists these for RHEL supported, which means the packages are at least there! (guide, packages)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

hi Thanks lumarel for the information .

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I’ve installed it on Rocky Linux following Microsoft’s RHEL documentation. Obviously realise you cannot contact Microsoft for support if you use it on a distribution that they don’t list as supported. I’ve also ran it on Debian.

I’m pretty sure though you’ll be limited to RHEL8/Rocky 8 for the time being though until MS support RHEL9.

Unfortunately MS won’t support it unless their is enough demand :slight_smile: (something something enterprise)
(and there is no MSSQL Server 2016 on Linux at all as far as I know)

Correct, 2019 and higher :slight_smile:

I’ve also followed the Microsoft’s RHEL9 documentation and successfully installed and configured mssql-server 2022 on Rocky 9. A web application is able to connect, create, and add database and tables.
Under the “Install SQL Server” section, make sure to select (or click on) the “Red Hat 9” tab.

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