Do you plan to support Windows WSL in the future?

like this:


Since Rocky Linux is 100% bug-for-bug compatible with the upstream RHEL, the community will not decide this things. This kind of question should be asked to Red Hat.

By the way, “Microsoft love Linux” not mean “Linux love Microsoft too”


The post marked as a solution wasn’t really that helpful, just idealizing bashing Microsoft rather than helping other users.

I’ve had WSL2 running with Centos, Oracle and Red Hat, it isn’t that hard to do (at least it shouldn’t be if you’re comfortable with using command line or shell). However, the method does involve using a minimal rootfs image or docker image.

As there isn’t an official docker image yet, you may need to wait. But I have fired up Rocky in WSL2 (while I was writing this :wink: ), albeit it needs some additional work (e.g. to add repos) which a container image shouldn’t.


There’s official Rocky documentation for how to load Rocky into WSL manually. I don’t know if that counts as supporting WSL - it’s not in the Windows Store as a distro - but sideloading it with those instructions works, I have both the 8.3 and 8.4 release candidates running.

It’s not Rocky-specific, really - any distro can be imported into WSL.

WSL import documentation has moved: documentation/ at main · rocky-linux/documentation · GitHub

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