Configure: error: missing tcpd.h

I need tcpd.h file which is provided by tcp_wrappers-devel package in CentOS. But I could not see tcp_wrappers-devel package in Rocky Linux 9.1 repos. Which package will provide tcpd.h file in Rocky Linux?

The tcp_wrappers package is in EPEL9 repository, it doesn’t come in default RHEL repositories so doesn’t exist in Rocky repositories either.

The fact EPEL maintain it, means that you might be able to get it here: tcp_wrappers-7.6-97.el9 | Build Info | koji but will probably mean downloading the source for you to build what you need. Alternatively you can always put in a package request with EPEL here to see if they will make it available for you: EPEL Package Request :: Fedora Docs