Configure Apple Bluetooth mouse persistently


I just installed Rocky Linux 8.7 + KDE from EPEL on a 20" iMac from 2009. The iMac has a wireless Apple Magic mouse, which works over a Bluetooth connection.

I could use the mouse in the Anaconda installer fine. But now KDE’s installed, things don’t work as expected. Here’s what I have so far.

  1. When I start KDE from SDDM, the mouse doesn’t work and the cursor doesn’t move.

  2. I’m plugging in a classic PC mouse.

  3. In KDE’s status bar I open the Bluetooth dialogue. After switching my Apple mouse off and on again, I can manage a Bluetooth pairing.

  4. The Apple mouse works and I can disconnect the PC mouse.

  5. This configuration doesn’t survive a reboot, e. g. I have to reiterate the whole process.

Any idea how I can make my Apple Bluetooth mouse pairing persistent ?