Can't find libgnomeui-devel package

I’m migrating from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8.5.
I have an app that depends on libgnomeui-devel package and works on CentOS 7.

When looking for libgnomeui-devel package for installing on Rocky Linux 8.5 I can’t find the package. The closest I found is for CentOS 8, but not an official package, only a third party. One of them is getpagespeed that require registration and fee!!!

Any ideas?
Is there an official package that I missed?
Is there a replacement for this package?

Many thanks

Which repo was it in on the CentOS 7 box?
If it’s not in CentOS 8 it was probably dropped.

Thanks for your reply Gerry
You are right, I found this package in a long list of removed packages in redhat documentation A.4. Removed packages.