Can we install ntp on rocky?

Seems like rocky by default using Chrony for time synchronization, but is it still possible to install ntp?


Rocky 8 and 9 have package ntpstat in appstream repo, but no “good old” NTP.
Quite obviously Red Hat does not like to maintain two packages for same task in RHEL.

The question is probably whether your NTP package can satisfy package dependencies … and how, for example the NetworkManager.service hands time-server data from DHCP to the time service (chronyd/ntpd/…).

Now that I think of it, the Ansible RHEL System Roles for timesync is aware of 4-5 different time services. While it apparently can configure any of them, that might not be feasible in RHEL.

We have ntp installed on a Rocky 9 server. Some software on it required the ‘ntpdate’ command. Download the ntp source, and run the usual ‘configure; make; make check; make install’ commands. It builds easy, and works fine. It installs into ‘/usr/local/bin’. (By default our servers have development packages on them, so you may need to install various ‘devel’ packages since you are building something from source.)

Rocky Linux 9 has ntpsec package which has ntpd daemon. The ntpstat package doesn’t have ntpd. Chrony can also communicate with NTP on port 123 when configured appropriately.

A repoquery shows that ntpsec also has the ntpdate command in it. Thanks for that, I’ll take a look at it for our server.

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