Bluetooth does not scan/stuck at scanning

Dear Friends…
I am using Rocky Linux 8.6
Kernel version is 4.18.0-372.19.1.el8_6.x86_64

For some time now, I have this issue in which the system Bluetooth can not be used to scan for new devices.
Kindly check this image and advise on how to get this working.

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Hwllo @nmp .

I’m sorry, the Rocky project only supports the latest (current) minor release, which is 8.8. You can upgrade your system to it with a simple sudo dnf update command.

I’d recommend upgrading and retrying. This looks like it worked before, as I see devices listed there? Did something change? I’d recommend running dmesg and looking through /var/log/messages for bluetooth clues.


Hello @skip77
To answer your questions,

  1. Yes, it had worked before, and I removed my phone for some reason from the bluetooth list in the computer… I can’t recall why.
  2. /var/log/messages has a very long list of text, which has to be accessed in root mode and which keeps changing even as I open the file. I did that and found 530 instances of bluetooth. Can you please tell me what should I check there?

Or do you recommend me to just upgrade the minor version to 8.8, using the command
sudo dnf update
I hope this actually upgrades only to 8.8 and does NOT take me to Rocky Linux 9.0 land. Thanks for your inputs!

Yes, a dnf update will take you to 8.8. Jumping from Rocky/RHEL 8 to 9 is actually not supported, you’d have to reinstall.

I’d recommend updating, because not only will you get the latest security updates, but it may “accidentally” fix your issue.

thanks… I am using su command to login as root and then issuing dnf update command. It is updating - says 2.0 GB of d/l to be done in total, which I guess will take a little time after which i need to follow the instructions it gives me to update actually.

Hello @skip77
I am happy to report that the upgrade has solved my problem.
I have other issues which I have to glean the symptoms of before I put them up on the forum, but that is for another thread(s).

Thank you, I have marked your last reply as my problem’s solution.
Best regards,