Backporting and some kernel questions

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  1. how to map the rhel kernel version to the kernel version from here

  2. up to which version rhel kernel will be updated so for example rhel 8 started with version 4.18 so up to which version it will keep updated (i mean the version from the link above)

  3. for other package that updated by back-porting is there away to map the rhel package version to the author version

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See What is backporting, and how does it apply to RHEL and other Red Hat products?


  1. You don’t
  2. The last RHEL 8 point update will be released in 2024? What features are available by then is what is theoretically possible to select for backporting. Most features will not be backported.
  3. See 1
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You can potentially get information on the activity done for the EL kernel here:

The stream 8 kernel doesn’t have the same amount of commits like 9 does, unfortunately. To mirror the previous answer, you can’t really map the rhel kernel version to upstream.

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thanks @jlehtone and @nazunalika for your time and answer

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