Appstream/epel dependency hello

In Rocky9.2, ansible-core@appstream wants python3.11@appstream. dnf wants python3.9. python3-ansible-lint@epel installed into python3.9 (even though rpmdb says it’s dependent on python3.11). The result is that ansible-lint can’t find ansible because they have different site-packages.

The most straightforward way I can think to fix this is to remove python3-ansible-lint@epel and just install ansible-lint with python3.11 -m pip. But, is this the best answer?

Add to this, python3.9 is still the default python3 (symlink). Shouldn’t it become python3.11?

Got a suggestion from @lumarel in chat to get ansible-lint from Pypi, so I’ll give that a shot.

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Python 3.9 is the platform-python on el9 and will be supported to 2032.

The python3.11 stream is supported only to May 2026. See

If EPEL packages have a problem, then submit bug report to EPEL so that they become aware of the issue.