Always max connections (30) reached in rsync rocky main mirror

It is 3 days after release of Rocky 9.

However, I did not see any mirror has finished to rsync from the rocky mirror.

# all CN mirrors is empty      # only folders, all folders is empty
# Many US mirrors is not finished, such as          # lack of folders: isos, live, plus   # 403 err

I can see the main rsync mirror of rockylinux is reached max connections.

@ERROR: max connections (30) reached -- try again later

Is there any suggestion to avoid this again while next release?


Yes the team will have it working differently for the future from what I’ve seen. Basically they will restrict syncing with the main Rocky mirror to tier-1 mirrors only. All other mirrors below tier-1 will then have to sync with their local mirrors. More or less, there will be a kind of sync hierachy.

Yes, sync hierachy is a good solution.

By the way, we may put the other folders except ‘isos’ into pub/rocky in several days before release. It will be helpful avoid having too much data to sync after release. That is, If pre-relaesed other folders, then, only the isos and the changed files of pre-relaesed folders are need to sync. The data size will be much less.

we are also experiencing this issue.
We’ve become a public mirror recently.
@iwalker how could I know if I’m “tier-1” mirror, and if not, how could I become one?


@z.linha I expect the Rocky team will decide based on the mirror specs on whether it will be able to be tier-1 or not. For example, 10gbps instead of 1gbps network speed for example, or the amount of bandwidth. It hasn’t been decided yet, but these types of parameters are likely to be taken into account. Obviously larger operators who can sync faster are most likely to be tier-1. Smaller will rather be lower tiers.

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Hi, I’m still experiencing this @ERROR: max connections (30) reached -- try again later issue.
Would like to know if this would be fixed any time soon?

I’ve setup a new-and-only mirror site in my country (TW) last week, synced from JP mirror, and registered on Mirror Manager, but kept being deactivated due to Host has been disabled (user_active) after 5 consecutive crawl failures with WARNING - Not up2date in log.

Really need to check my mirrored packages with, but I can only get @ERROR: max connections (30) reached -- try again later. Sometimes I got lucky to have an established connection after some retry, but then it got stuck before rsync can get the file list.

Any suggestions?

We currently passed the 8.7 release to our tier 0 for everyone to sync. This is why you are likely hitting an rsync node’s 30 connection limit. We are keeping the 30 connection limit on our three rsync nodes to ensure our mirrors can receive the content in a timely manner. My suggestion is to retry manually every once in a while and you may hit a node that has a free slot.

We haven’t fully fleshed out the plans yet, but we are wanting to implement mirror tiering plans to make syncing easier for everyone else, so they don’t have to connect to our 3 nodes directly and instead connect to tiered mirrors closer to them to avoid this situation.

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@nazunalika I see. Thanks for the replay and the news.

In my experience, a 3-tier architecture would be nice.
Tier-0: Only serves registered tier-1 mirrors, a.k.a Seed nodes. Rsync (w/ IP whitelist or username/password) or push-sync with ssh.
Tier-1: Registered country/regional primary mirror servers. 1-3 servers per region. Listed on website. Serves all the leaf nodes and others.
Tier-2: All the leaf nodes. Serves the rest of the world.

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