Rocky 8.8 Assets available to sync

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce that Rocky Linux 8.8 is available for mirrors to sync from our mirror nodes in the US and


Please note the fra nodes have a different rsync module layout which will be standardized in a future release. If you
have already been using the frankfurt node, there is nothing you need to change.

The artifacts available to mirrors are to be kept from the public in accordance with our bitflip procedure until the
release has been thoroughly tested. If all goes well with tests, we intend to perform the bitflip (and release Rocky
8.8) tomorrow, on Friday, May 19th, 2023, during the afternoon of US business hours (East Coast). If anything
changes to this affect, I will send a follow up email.

Please see the following listing of directory sizes for this release. All artifacts should be hardlinked.

# du -ch --max-depth=1 8.8
102G    8.8/devel
9.3G    8.8/live
11M     8.8/plus
3.6M    8.8/ResilientStorage
4.1M    8.8/NFV
3.9M    8.8/RT
42G     8.8/images
8.8G    8.8/PowerTools
27G     8.8/isos
14M     8.8/metadata
12G     8.8/AppStream
1.9G    8.8/BaseOS
3.5M    8.8/HighAvailability
1.9M    8.8/extras
202G    8.8
202G    total

Thank you very much for your continued support of Rocky Linux. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to
reach out directly or via the mirrors list.