403, message='Forbidden', url=URL('https://rocky-li

Hi Team,

we have synced rocky repo in redhat satellite suddenly during sync we got error whenever we sync. It is a working setup for years suddenly we got this error.

Upstream URL we are using below.

below is the error message

403, message=‘Forbidden’, url=URL(‘https://rocky-linux-australia-southeast2.production.gcp.mirrors.ctrliq.cloud/pub/rocky//8.10/BaseOS/x86_64/os/images/efiboot.img’)

Hey @prem - thanks for reaching out.

I’ve checked in with the CIQ mirror team and it appears that this is a result of their mitigating a DDoS attack a few months ago where images (ISOs, mostly) were being downloaded over and over again, so they implemented a block on some directories which container these large images–since there is a boot ISO in /images/.

They are looking into whether this directory, or at least the files required for kickstarting, can be unblocked, as these are fairly small and shouldn’t be subject to abuse like the other ISOs/images.

I (or they) will update here with more information, however in the meantime, I would suggest to select a different mirror from the mirrorlist to sync from, or use Index of /pub/rocky/ instead of a mirrorlist, which is a CDN-backed service in front of the official Rocky Linux mirrors.

Thanks for the details @neil ,

When i tried to sync with “Index of /pub/rocky/8/BaseOS/x86_64/” it says invalid
“An invalid remote URL was provided: Index of /pub/rocky/8/BaseOS/x86_64/

If i give any specific repo as 8.10 then i need to change the URL for 8.11 where as the common “8” would automatically takes it.

Please suggest how i can proceed.

Thanks in advance.

The URL is unfinished. You need to add the os directory. Without it anaconda (the installer) will not see the repository data.


There will not be an 8.11.

Thanks a lot @nazunalika. Its working now.