After upgrade to RL 9.4 KDE Waylend occasionally sticks at 640x480 resolution

I say this happens occasionally because sometimes when I start the computer, resolution goes to 640x480 with no way to change it after logging in. I shut down the computer, unplug the Display Port cable, replugin, start, resolution is the setting I prefer at 1920x1200. Any idea what causes this?

A bit more info. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon PRO W6400.

Thanks, all

I think I resolved the issue by installing the amdgpu-install proprietary package, then using that to install the AMD drivers from AMD. I haven’t had the issue again at least so far.

Nope, I spoke too soon. The problem is there again after restart. It’s as though I may have some parameter that needs updated in the grub file that controls what the resolution is for the grub menu I use to choose which operating system to boot (windows 11 or Rocky 9.4). The grub menu displays with the wrong resolution. Then, when I login to Rocky, the resolution is fixed at 640x480 with no option in display settings to change the resolution. It does this on both plasma wayland and X11 on reboot. The only way to fix at this point is to shutdown, unplug the displayport cable, plug it back in and then start the computer. Any ideas? Is there some package that still needs to update for the recent 9.4 release?