Adding "open in terminal" to context menus in MATE desktop

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I’m just now bringing up a Rocky 9.1 with the MATE desktop, and I very much want the same thing. The MATE I’ve been using for years on CentOS 7 has it and I seem to want to use it A LOT.

I’m assuming the gnome extension suggested here won’t cut the mustard for MATE, so I"m open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance!


On my rl9 with mate for non graphical applications like scripts you create to do specific tasks if I right click on that script in the file browser and select “open” it brings up a menu where “open in terminal” is an option. So it is there just not an item in the first drop down.

The package caja-open-terminal supposedly does that.

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Thanks for the hint! Never dawned on me to look for un-installed caja packages.

Thanks again!


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yes, saw your post and tried it. Voila! :slight_smile: