Activate Virgl Support in QEMU

Hi all,

Does anyone have an idea how to activate OpenGL acceleration within QEMU/KVM under Rocky 8?

When I try to tick the box “3D acceleration” under “Virtio Video” I get the error “virtio 3d acceleration is not supported”. What needs to be done to enable this feature? Is the current Rocky 8 QEMU package compiled without support for this?

I see packages such as “qemu-kvm-ui-opengl” installed, also “virglrenderer”.

Any pointers in any interesting direction are very appreciated! Thanks.

Unfortunately, virglrenderer as a dependency was removed from qemu-kvm: 1856717 – Disable 3D acceleration due to the lack of virgl

Short of rebuilding all the virt packages by hand and put in your own local repo, I don’t think there’s an easier way to enable the feature.

Oh, how unfortunate. I don’t see myself rebuilding all of these and potentially messing up my existing virtual machines.

Do you have an idea what the package qemu-kvm-ui-opengl is about? It was automatically installed recently by dnf upgrade.