SPICE support was dropped in RHEL 9!

If you are using Rocky Linux 9 or any other RHEL 9 distro as your workstation and using KVM, you are stuck with VNC as SPICE support was removed.

So in short:

SPICE has been deprecated for qemu and has been removed in RHEL 9. We still do have SPICE client support for RHV - which is shipped in the RHV-Tools repos on RHEL 9.
Unfortunately I don’t know if and how oVirt is solving this for RHEL 9. Anyways the RHV-tools repo will be supported until RHV is EOLed in 2026.

Why no SPICE:

  1. Due to some license restrictions around H.264 codecs we are not able to provide a Streaming solution which is needed for modern workloads (as all drivers are using 3D today). Also vGPU support is not possible without this.
  2. There are quite some 3rd party solutions that already have a proper implementation (licensed software due to H.264 restrictions unfortunately).
  3. For console access and local acceleration VNC is capable of doing the job - and VNC is also used for OpenStack and KubeVirt and they are both not interested in using SPICE instead.

Mainly due to (1) and (3) we decided to deprecate our work on SPICE.

Here is more info: 2030592 – Keep QXL/SPICE support for RHEL 9