Aarch64 iso's don't boot on Pi 4 B

Trying to move a Raspberry Pi 4B to 9.2. Downloaded the minimal aarch64 ISO, burnt to SD card with BalenaEtcher.

BalenaEtcher complains:

“Missing Partition Table
It looks like this is not a bootable image. The image does not appear to contain a partition table, and might not be recognized or bootable by your device.”

I proceed anyway, burned and verified.

On power up the Pi comes up in the “Install an OS on this Raspberry Pi” screen and stalls in a loop at “Trying boot mode USB-MSD”.

Thinking this is just a BalenaEtcher error I burn it again but this time with dd. Same thing.

I try again using the DVD ISO. Same thing, and just for consistencies sake I get the same with the Rocky-9-Mate-aarch64-latest.iso.

Interestingly the Alternative Images/Raspberry SIG image boots immediately but I’d rather not try to get to the MATE equivalent starting from scratch if I can avoid it.

Is this something wrong with the build of the ISOs?

Clue-by-fours welcome if I’m the loose nut behind the wheel :wink:


Jeff Ross
Townsend, MT

The ISO images for aarch64 and the kernel we ship in 9.2 do not support raspberry pi hardware directly. You will find that even if you manage to get it installed, there will be pieces that won’t work the way you’d expect. I recommend that you use the raspberry pi image as the starting point (also found in the alternative images).


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Thanks for the quick reply!

Okay, that’s what I’ll do.


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