2 Entries for /home/user in File Search (KDE)

This is my first post after my introduction post, and my first day on Rocky Linux. I hope I am posting in the right place.

I just have a little issue in the configuration of file search. I see to entries pointing to the same /home/limo/ folder, one is indexed by baloo the other is not.

I didn’t do anything to get this duplicate entry.
I have no practical issue, but it looks awful. (Sorry, a perfectionist here).
As well, I think it is enough to have /home/limo/ only indexed as the other folders are just a few folders I have in my /home/. Why did it specifically list only those not the other folders.

I believe there should be only one entry to one folder “/home/limo”.

How can I fix that? (i.e. remove the duplicate entry and the other folders who are actually under /home/limo/)

Hi @limotux and welcome!

Is it really a duplicate folder though? Can you do this in a terminal as your root user:

ls -al /home | grep limo

What does that show?

Good morning. There’s no problem with removing the extra directories that you don’t need.

I am also running plasma. It is not really a feature that I use but the only thing I would index by default is my homedir since everything else is dependent on it and would be indexed.

Leaving you a screen capture in case its any helpful.

Hope it helps!

Thanks a lot @sspencerwire and @alexia

I wish I can do it. I tried. More on this below.

To comment:

  • I care about indexing file contents as I said I am a bookworm and I do even my own research
  • The problem I am having is having two entries for the same /home/limo/ folder (one is indexed and the other not indexed), AND having those entries for only some folders under /home/limo.

Practically, I didn’t have an issue searching or indexing, it just looks “stupid”.

To answer @sspencerwire I am sure I have only one home folder for sure! Whether through dolphin file manager or ls command.

I wonder why it is happening to me? what might be causing this? Something I did wrong during installation perhaps?
Did anybody else had this?
How can I fix it to look as @alexia has.

Any advice highly appreciated.
I feel I am in love already with Rocky Linux, but I am a perfectionist, and I don;t like the way it looks or behaves.

By the way, I have searched over the internet and edited a file that had the folders to exclude which had /home/limo, I remember I hashed 2 lines to remove it, and it was removed but later it came back and the file itself returned as it was, not hashed! I wonder what changes it. I hope this gives a clue.

Thank you again and sorry to bother you with something not that serious but it looks bad AND how can I be sure it won’t do something silly about file indexing or searching? This is another reason I want it fixed.

Just out of curiosity. What happens if you press the defaults button in that dialog? Because I added extra directories to test, applied, and when I pressed the defaults button it only left my homedir.

Search will be still subject to global permissions, e.g: your plasma session will only be able to search within directories where the user you are running the session with has read access to.

E.g: you cant add /home/anotheruser to the list.

But as long as its your homedir it doesn’t need to have Documents/ Desktop/ and the rest since all of these will be searched recursively anyway.

Last but not least, feel free to check https://chat.rockylinux.org and find the channel called Sig Desktop and Gaming. This is specifically for discussion regarding using rockylinux as a workstation and or for gaming. Perhaps more people can help you there.

Hope it helps!