Zoom for Linux security alert on fresh Rocky 9 install

Hello all,

Two questions:

  1. I skipped the “security profile” step on the install for 9.1 because I couldn’t figure out how to tell the install script to create a separate disk partition for /var/.../whatever. I tried manually creating partitions but it wouldn’t let me delete the existing (OpenBSD) partition. (Automatic worked fine, obviously)

How might I install a security profile after the fact? My disk is encrypted, will that be a hassle for creating a partition under /var somewhere?

  1. It appears that I have SELinux activated anyways. As soon as I downloaded Zoom and ran it I got this SELinux alert:
SELinux is preventing /opt/zoom/zoom from execmod access on the file /memfd:JITCode:QtQml (deleted).

*****  Plugin allow_execmod (53.1 confidence) suggests   *********************

If this issue occurred during  normal system operation.
Then this alert could be a serious issue and your system could be compromised. Setroubleshoot examined '/memfd:JITCode:QtQml.(deleted)' to make sure it was built correctly, but can not determine if this application has been compromised.
contact your security administrator and report this issue

Is this important? What should I do?