Installing Rocky Linux 9.2 - Security Profile(s)

Has anyone been able to install RL 9.2 using a security profile?
I have tried to do a fresh install today using the profile: “Red Hat Enterprise server level 1” and received the error(s) below:

  1. Package gutenprint-cups-5.3.4-4.el9.x86_64 requires CUPS
  2. Package pnm2ppa-1:1.04-52.el9.x86_64 requires foomatic
  3. Package foomatic-4.0.13-19.el9.x86_64 requires CUPS
  4. Package cups 1:2.3.3op2-16.el9.x86_64 is filtered out by exclude filtering.
    The security profile I selected does exclude cups.
    My Question(s):
  5. Is there a way to remove this particular exclude from the security profile before install?
  6. Is this just a bug since RL9 seems to need CUPS to complete the install but is being blocked by the security profile?

P.S. This is my first time posting on any forum, sorry if I applied it to the wrong category!