Yum update - no response from Server

Hi Team,

I have an issue updating our Rocky Linux Server(s) 8.7

DNS Resolution is working well and the Firewall is showing, that there is no response from dl.rockylinux.org

any hints as I even can not install anything.

thx in advance



Is not responding to a dns lookup or is it timing out with yum?

If its the latter, have you tried yum clean all ?

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom,

thanks for you support.

Yes I did yum clean all - result is the same
Firewall shows that the Request to mirrors.rockylinux.org ist gett ing out - but I do not get any data back.

any Idea ? maybe IDS/IPS ?



Please provide the output of:

yum update

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom,

thanks for your support - problem solved!

I contacted the Firewall vendor and we fixed The problem - strange thing was that it only was on 1 VLAN :frowning:

but now working again :smiley:

Thanks again for your effort - Love Rocky - we are transitioning all Linux over to Rocky.

happy weekend


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