XCP-ng: Rocky crashes during installation

This is strange, I installed the latest rocky as my XOA, updated XCP-ng but, unable to install rocky, rhel nor alma since then. There is no particular pattern, they seem to crash after reaching over 914 package installations. I did successfully install fedora 37, opensuse leap 15.4.

What may be the problem?

You may wish to ask on XCPng forums. I was going to search their forum, but they have it closed off and unsearchable without being a member which is very odd.

Since none of the RHEL distros work, that seems to suggest XCP has a problem supporting them - most likely because it is Xen-based. Maybe wrong VM template was chosen during install? Or maybe they don’t have a working VM template for RHEL based distros (with the exception of Fedora at present).

I assume you did check/verify the SHA sums for the ISO’s that you downloaded to ensure it’s not a corrupted ISO download?

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Yes, and I did post there as well…

One thing Fedora does have that RHEL-based distros don’t, are xen packages in their repositories. You could check the installed package list on the Fedora install to see if any *xen* packages were installed or not. None of the RHEL based distros have these.

I’ve used Citrix XenServer in the past, before XCP-ng came about, I believe around v7.0.3 or so when Citrix decided to close it all off again in terms of features etc, and then XCP-ng appeared. I used his Xen Orchestra (XOA) product with XenServer 6 was pretty neat way for managing the Xen Servers without having to use the Citrix Windows app.

It could be worth also trying different VM templates to see if they might work. Not sure many people here use XCP tbh, mostly KVM or Proxmox from posts I’ve seen in the past. But since Rocky works on most KVM/VMware/Proxmox installs, sounds like an issue with XCP.

You didn’t mention which version of Rocky? 8 or 9?

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Used 9.1…


It should be more or less working, though I’ve not tried Rocky 9 on it, admittedly.

The XCP-NG Forums are a great place for help (I’m over there, too :wink: )

Right off the bat, I’d recommend increasing the RAM available for the installer, it is likely pretty low in the VM template.


Okay, I will give that a try and boost it to 8, did have it 4 - 8 on the Dynamic setting. Not sure if this is enabled during install…

After an exhausted testing different settings, I have found the problem has to do with the memory settings during installation, Memory limits (min/max): Static (max) has to match both Dynamic (min/max). I successfully installed using (2/8) - (8/8) and CPU setting does not effect anything, it was set to (4/16). After the installation, my settings are (2/16) - (4/8), CPU (4/16) and running smoothly, but next is testing at the operational level.

P.S. Rocky, Alma and RHEL users need to know this information for a successful installation.