X environment slow and gnome-shell giving CPU bursts

Upon using a desktop session with htop I can often see CPU bursts even above 100% connected to /usr/bin/gnome-shell - around twenty in a screenshot I made - and the session is terribly slow. What can I do?

Thanks in advance!


Which version of Rocky?

Can you list the machine specs, then run this command in a terminal, at the same time as the session is slow:

vmstat 5 5

post the output as pure text, not screenshot.

When you say ‘/usr/bin/gnome/shell’, do you mean ‘/usr/bin/gnome-shell’?

Bursts of high cpu can be normal, and might not be directly related to slow session. Either way, it sounds like an issue specific to your setup, because this is not normal in Rocky.

When you say ‘x’ environment, have you tried the same using ‘Wayland’?

Yes, gnome/shell was a typo (now corrected). I was collecting the vmstat output, but since I can do without the gnome environment and since I was impatient to overcome the mentioned unforeseen issue, I ended up removing the Workstation group and installing the Mate environment, according to the guide at the URL below.


No overload, now. Though another annoying issue showed up: the only set keymap (it) is ignored in the desktop session, since a supposedly US default keyboard is used. I already asked for help with this on the Issues area of the GitHub context for Mate Desktop.

Thanks anyway!