When RL plan to introduce gnome40?

I successfully install RL on my DELL optiplex machine , no boot up issues… Works like a charm, just missing set of wallpapers for background lightly dims my evening. Thank you RL Team for your hard work!
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Rocky Linux is a 1:1 of RHEL. Therefore, unless RHEL introduce it, then it won’t exist in Rocky Linux. That said, maybe third-party repos like epel or others might have a newer version of Gnome in it that you can use. It’s unlikely however RHEL will include it. Maybe that would appear in RHEL9 or Rocky 9, but until then, I doubt it will apear officially but only in third-party repos if someone decides to package it. Even if someone did, it’s most likely going to be problematic anyway, like other users who installed KDE from third-party repos.

OK, thanks for the answer gnome 40 is a centos9 feature, Let me rephrase the question, when we can expect Rocky Linux 9?

Most likely when RHEL9 is released, which isn’t any time soon. RHEL haven’t even given a release date yet, so Rocky Linux won’t have one either yet. CentOS Stream 9 has only been released not long ago.

At a guess, going by this: Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Wikipedia

probably in a couple of years.

no, not that long. second half of 2022 would be my bet. however, we know RHEL is ready when it’s ready, as always.

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Red Hat people have mentioned a goal of major release every three years. If they manage to make it, then late Spring 2022. Second half 2022 is equally realistic.

RHEL 7 did release with GNOME 3.8 and has since rebased couple times, up to 3.28.
RHEL 8 was released with GNOME 3.28.
CentOS Stream 9 has currently GNOME 40.?.