What the use case for halt

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what is the use case for systemctrl halt i understand what it do but not sure what the case that i would need that for

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Never used systemctl to halt a system, it’s far easier to:

shutdown now

and if you want it to wait X amount of minutes you can also add that to the command. For example:

shutdown -h 5

will shutdown in 5 mins time.

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i got those command but my question was what the use case that someone need to halt the system as halt will not power off the system

the one with capital H

shutdown --halt 
shutdown --H
shutdown --poweroff

will turn the system off

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Ages ago, halt did power off the system, at least it did on the ones I was using, but then a few years ago it then failed to do it. I guess something changed. I don’t see a reason to use halt only unless you want to see the progress after it has halted. Since normally if you poweroff, then you cannot see the shutdown process on the screen.

So unless you are looking to see or resolve a problem that is happening because of a shutdown/poweroff, then using halt and leaving the system powered on would allow you to potentially see the cause on the screen and find the solution for it later. Since without that info, could be difficult to diagnose.

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that make sense

i just updated the link as they just updated it from 9-beta to 9 :slight_smile:

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