We're not dead yet!

ICYMI we’ve released an official piece of news.
Rocky Linux Expresses Confidence

We are grateful to all of you who hang out here in the forum. This might be a bit of an adjustment…but then again it might not even be that big a deal.

Thanks for your patience as we sort out all the whowhatwherewhyhow so we can keep our promises.

Krista Burdine
Community Manager
The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation


Talked to Jimmy Conner tonight. I’m pretty excited for Rocky. Adding people like Jimmy to the team will mean everything to Rocky’s future. :100:


I hope we find out something more concrete soon because now it kind of feels like there is a lack of certainty and reasonable doubt about the future of RHEL clones.


We are also watching what will happen, :thinking:
after the news "RedHat will limit its public sources to CentOS Stream "

Disappointing, but I can’t hep but wonder if this is more about Oracle Linux, than either Rocky and Alma.

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cough cough Amazon Linux cough cough

Amazon’s OS is based on Fedora now:


TIL, thanks for the info.
Though I do wonder…
The AL2023 GA version includes components from Fedora 34, 35, and 36.
F34 is the same base that CentOS Streams / RHEL 9 was cut from.
So I wonder if Amazon is just being clever with their wording.

I’ve made a petition in “Change.org”.
I hope you help me.
Petition · Make Red Hat be Open source again! · Change.org

Still can’t say I’ve seen an announcement from Oracle yet. If anyone has can they please link it?

Oracle, having a large staff of attorneys, is likely still formulating a response, which might include throwing a few shillings to the open community lawyers guild to send IBM some love.

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Oracle and Red Hat are business partners. Something mutually beneficial, I presume: Red Hat and Oracle Expand Collaboration to Bring Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Did you see Oracles rebuff though? Holy smokes Batman!

Looks like things turned out okay :slight_smile:

There seemed to be a lot of doom & gloom about RH and Rocky in the first half of 2023 but now things have gone quiet.
Are there reasons to be more optimistic in 2024 ?

No reason to not be optimistic.

Thanks! I am very glad, as I am really happy with my Rocky 9 systems.

This also gives me hope.
I am currently rebuilding our servers to Rocky 9 from CentOS 7.

I hope to have as many or even more years on Rocky, like I had on CentOS.