Version 8.5 download

Does anyone know where I can download the Rocky 8.5 version from? I have a test need for this specific version.

Hi @csolis !

You can find the archived sources on the CDN here: Index of /vault/rocky/8.5/isos/x86_64/
(and there will also always be a pointer in the CDN pub to these: Index of /pub/rocky/8.5/)

Please make sure you don’t use this in production, as there won’t be any new updates for these archived sources.

Furthermore, the ISO does not hold the last state of the packages released for 8.5, which means as soon as you installed the machine either via the dvd1 or minimal ISO you will need to repoint the repos to the vault or you will get the sources from 8.6! (boot does not hold sources which would mean you would have to point to the vault in Anaconda and make sure you don’t install or update afterwards unless you also repoint the repos to the vault)

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Awesome. Thank you very much.

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