Vagrant box for Rocky8

Hi Folks,
I built vagrant box (image).
Hopefully it help to test and deploy for your own purpose :slight_smile:

[](https://Vagrant Box for Rocky8)


It is awesome!! Thank you for your help @SysNet4Admin !!

NP :slight_smile: And thank you for your message :wink:

Hi @SysNet4Admin thank you for the image. I’m curious if there’s a quick fix on this?
I’m on windows. Will try to investigate later today what’s causing this.

I’ve pulled the image down and got this -

Hi, Probably you may be concern about last sentence. but it is not actual error.
So you can igonore it.

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Would you be able to share your box definition (box.json or box.pkr.hcl) and your kickstart file? I have been having difficulty getting mine to work. Thanks!

Hi mklatsky,

I used to use the packer to build box image.
But it doesn’t build thru packer tool. due to it has minor change irregularly.
So I build manually (i.e. export image from RAW which is already applied configuration)

I hope it solve your interest.
Here is the article of above purpose.

Hoon Jo.

Feel free to checkout Vagrant images using packer - #4 by bendem which contains a valid packer file and kickstart to build an hyperv image. Should be fairly easy to adapt to build images for other providers.

I do not know about you but it took me a long time to install and I only installed the minimum of the view. 8.3 that I downloaded yesterday. My question … That’s normal virtual machine that I made had the standard and 2 and a half gigs of Ram?

Well…I dont have any issue even my peer to install it…
In my view you may check some log or verify what issue it is

In the VirtualBox, I gave it 2GB of RAM and 30GB of hdd, a single micro and installed the minimal version. and it took me a long time … I just want to know if that’s really normal

I have experienced with a little long time to install but I don’t have any comparing part.
Anyhow it could install thru box image faster than normal uptime :slight_smile:

Probably someone may answer your question.