Updated rockylinux/8 Vagrant box hangs on "Waiting for domain to get an IP address..."

I cannot find a GitHub repo or issue tracker for the Rocky Linux Vagrant boxes, so I’m posting here. Let me know if there is a place more appropriate to post this issue.

I just updated my Vagrant boxes and my rockylinux/8 box now hangs on “Waiting for domain to get an IP address…”. I use the libvirt provider. https://app.vagrantup.com/rockylinux/boxes/8

The old version that works is 5.0.0. The new version that does not is 7.0.0. If I set server.vm.box_version = "5.0.0" in my Vagrantfile, the VM provisions as expected.

I can reproduce the problem on two completely different hosts, so I’m pretty sure it’s not something related to my environment.

Host 1:
Ubuntu 22.04
Linux 5.15.0-56-generic
Vagrant 2.2.19
vagrant-libvirt (0.7.0, system)

Host 2:
Arch Linux
Linux 6.1.1-arch1-1
Vagrant 2.3.4
vagrant-libvirt (0.11.2, global)

To perform additional sanity checks, I also made sure I can provision rockylinux/9 and centos/7. Both of these boxes provision on both of my hosts without issue. This issue appears to only exist with rockylinux/8 box version 7.0.0 with the libvirt provider.

Apologies for the delay in responding… i just re-found this tab hiding in my browser :slight_smile:

So, I think this is due to the image on vagrantup not having BIOS boot support. I am going to rebuild the image this week and attempt to fix this issue.

Thank you for your patience. I’ll update you when I have an image you can test out.

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Hey, @neil , just checking in to see if you got a chance to rebuild this image yet.


Yep I managed to build them last week. Please give this a test.

Rocky 8: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/resf-empanadas/buildimage-8.7-x86_64/Rocky-8-Vagrant-Libvirt-8.7-20230126.0.x86_64/1674749238/Rocky-8-Vagrant-Libvirt-8.7-20230126.0.x86_64.box

Rocky 9: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/resf-empanadas/buildimage-9.1-x86_64/Rocky-9-Vagrant-Libvirt-9.1-20230126.0.x86_64/1674749578/Rocky-9-Vagrant-Libvirt-9.1-20230126.0.x86_64.box

I’m getting the other images tested, too. Thank you for your patience!


Thanks Neil. Still having the same issue with this one. This is how I’m testing:

Add the box and name it: vagrant box add --name rockylinux8_test https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/resf-empanadas/buildimage-8.7-x86_64/Rocky-8-Vagrant-Libvirt-8.7-20230126.0.x86_64/1674749238/Rocky-8-Vagrant-Libvirt-8.7-20230126.0.x86_64.box

Reference the box in Vagrantfile by the aforementioned name config.vm.box = "rockylinux8_test"

Running vagrant up produces the same symptoms as my original post, where it hangs at “Waiting for domain to get an IP address…”

Hey, @neil

Just wanted to check in on this issue again. Have you had a chance to take another stab at this? Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.