Ups (power) shutdown software

I have used apcupsd with early versions of Linux. I have seen posts on difficulties with that software. What I am looking for is some word regarding any software that works, AND tells which hardware is being used. I see Cyberpower has software, but not for Rocky 9. I know there is NUT, but I have no experience with it. I have used the cloud management capabilities of larger APC units, but in this case we have only a standalone server and a UPS that costs more than the computer probably wouldn’t fly. So if you have apcupsd working on Rocky 9 and connected via usb I appreciate the details. If not, any suggestions as to working ups (1500 va is good) and associated software that installs and runs on Rocky 9 would be greatly appreciated.

I use apcupsd on a RL9 server connected via USB. What would you like to know?

APC Backup-UPS XS 1500

I’d like to know everything. I used apcupsd under Centos 7 at the same customer with no problems. If I remember we installed it with yum but I do not believe similar is available for R9. Did you have to customize at all? What did you have to do to get R9 to shut down? I thought selinux by default would not let you.

Not much to tell.

dnf install apcupsd (don’t remember which repo has it)

Edit /etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf. See attached. I think most of the fields are left as defaults. Don’t think I changed anything else in /etc/apcupsd

IIRC, the installation installs a service. You might have to do: systemctl enable apcupsd and systemctl start apcupsd.

I have selinux turned off, so I don’t know how that impacts things.


(Attachment apcupsd.conf is missing)

Thanks. Your intended apcupsd.conf is missing. As for selinux, I’ve not used it much, but for R9 I believe it will prevent changing the system state. can’t shut down unless you allow it.

apcupsd.conf is missing because the list software wouldn’t let me post, and I don’t have your private email. Happy to send it if you want.

You can e-mail it to . Meanwhile I did a ‘yum install apcupsd’ which did not only the programs but some supporting stuff. Using on the config file that came with the package it fired up. I haven’t checked everything yet but running an ‘apcaccess status’ gave me all the right information about the ups I was working with. So the only thing I need t get working is the shutdown.

I have a UPS connected to my server w/o any additional software installed. It has been through a couple power outages and did shutdown gracefully so there is support for UPS in the kernel already. What does the software allow you to control? Timing, specific application closing sequences or notifications to active users?

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