New linux Admin - in need of assistance

Hello everyone, I’ve played around with linux, I can get around the commands, use a little bit of vi, edit some configs and most importantly of all read.

However I have been a windows helpdesk tech and admin for 5 or 6 years now so the way microsoft organizes things is burned into me; linux so far has been a game of “but where is it” but now I’m sitting in a small business being a system admin and I need some linux tools and I picked rocky linux out as my linux server of choice.

At the moment I need it to do a couple things.

  1. monitor the ups
  2. notify me of any changes
  3. shutdown itself and the windows server gracefully if it comes to that.

I currently have the server up & running, configured with NUT from the EPEL library. I even got it to talk to the UPS, but after that I’ve been spinning my tires trying to figure out how to get the sendmail from postfix working and I’m a bit at loss exactly where to post.

After I get this running I was thinking of also having it run Squid but 1 problem at a time.

Thanks for reading.

On RHEL and Rocky 8.x, you can start with

man intro

then read the RHEL documentation for 8.x; you should not need to guess how to do anything. e.g. if you want to set up a web server, read the official documentation first.

The specific questoin about “uninterruptiable power supplies”; probably best to post to the “general” forum, with the exact ups make and model, o/s version, package version, communication protocol, and the exact command you tried to use, and the exact results and any related log file entries.

thanks for the pointer of where to post I appreciate it.