Unable to install RL9.1 on Hyper-V (EFI stub: ERROR)

Trying to install from the 9.1 minimal ISO to a Hyper-V gen2 VM configuration version 9.0 but I get the following:

EFI stub: ERROR: Failed to allocate usable memory for kernel.
EFI stub: ERROR: efi_relocate_kernel() failed!
EFI stub: ERROR: efi_main() failed!

Secure Boot is disabled. When I use RL8.6 minimal ISO I get to the graphical installer with no issues.
My question hence would be, does RL9.1 not support Hyper-V running on Windows 10 Pro?

Fixed the error by increasing the VM start up memory from 1024 MiB to 2048 MiB. Guess the memory requirements have increased.

Appendix A. System requirements reference Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 | Red Hat Customer Portal says
recommended minimum 1.5 GB or 3.0 GB, depending on what install media you do use.