UEFI Secure Boot on RPi

I saw a link to this article on Twitter: https://www.linux.it/~ema/posts/secure-boot-rpi/

And was thinking all the testing that are being done at the moment.
Is this something you’re looking at? …or maybe interested in?

Anyway, I just saw it, and thought I should share it here.

· Eric

I don’t think there is an Arm version of rocky, so that would not be an option… Debian has Arm versions which run on the Raspberry Pi, so I think you should concentrate on Debian

We do have ARM versions of Rocky Linux. We have the primary aarch64 which works on traditional ARM systems and we have a rasperry pi image that the sig/altarch group is slowly making more generic to work on all sorts of boards.

No, it was more like… If there’s been an issue with ARM and Secure Boot, and they’ve managed to find a solution for that - I wanted to share it here, in case we have the same SB issue in ours.