Trying to install Roundcube

I’m trying to install Roundcube for Webmail. (Horde looks very complicated for someone like me) I downloaded the rpm for CentOS from Cheese but it refuses to installn with dependcy problems.

Has anyone installed it successfully, OR can anyone poinyt me to s SIMPLE (working) step-by-step guide to install Horde. I’m easy either way. All the Horde TIDS seem to be contradictory and VERY complicated.

Are we supposed to know what “Roundcube” and “Horde” are?
What version of Rocky?

Rocky 8.6. Fresh install.

There are three common webmail programs for Linux. Squirrel Mail, Horde and Roundcube and yes, I thought most people would have heard of them.

When you say “webmail programs”, do you mean you are going to run a big mail server which thousands of people connect to, a bit like hotmail? Do you know which distro these programs normally run on?

You likely need EPEL and PowerTools enabled. If having those enabled does not help you, you’ll also need the cheese repository as they may have dependencies you need.

It would also be useful if you could tell us what version of Rocky you’re running. Going by an alma 8.6 install, roundcube, horde, and squirrelmail are all unavailable. On alma 9 with crb, epel and rpmfusion available doing dnf list roundcubemail shows that it’s available from the epel repo.

Remi has an EL8 package:
EPEL 8 likely lacks it due to too downlevel a version of PHP, based on this thread:
I see a package in EPEL 9 in the rpmfind list.

Try this tutorial.
The following is a list of open-source software that will be automatically installed and configured by iRedMail.

Postfix SMTP server
Dovecot IMAP server
Nginx web server to serve the admin panel and webmail
OpenLDAP, MySQL/MariaDB, or PostgreSQL for storing user information
Amavised-new for DKIM signing and verification
SpamAssassin for anti-spam
ClamAV for anti-virus
Roundcube webmail
Fail2ban for protecting SSH service
mlmmj mailing list manager
Netdata server monitoring
iRedAPD Postfix policy server for greylisting

FWIW, I have successfully used RoundCube on Rocky 8 for many months now. However, the route by which I got there was not a fresh install.

It was something like (from memory):

  • install iRedmail on CentOS 8.2 or so (first install being Sept 2020)
  • upgrade 8.3, 8.4
  • convert to Rocky 8.4
  • upgrade 8.5, 8.6

All this time RoundCube has worked flawlessly.

I realize this doesn’t prove much re a fresh install but you may be heartened to know it is at least possible to run RoundCube in production mode quite robustly (knock on wood).

Remi has it for EL9 as well. I used his EL8 packages for roundcubemail and the installation and configuration went smoothly and it just works. I would recommend using remi’s repo for the best source of this package.

Linuxbabe gave me all the info I needed. Thanks for your help. I’ll be installing it this week.

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For future readers of this thread, I’d just like to clarify that RoundCube is simply an open-source webmail access tool for any existing mail server that supports IMAP access. One example would be dovecot / postfix. Whether the server has 5 users or 50,000 is more or less immaterial.

It’s really quite impressive. I originally discovered it because my ISP was using it to offer webmail access to the free mailbox they still provide me.

My original question regarding clarification, was to avoid confusion between running a big webmail service, as opposed to wanting a client to connect to someone else’s webmail service.