Mail server install and configure

Good day to all forum participants. I’ll start by saying that I want to install and configure a mail server without a web shell. Only dovecot and postfix and MariaDB database. I am new to Linux. Prompt what good articles, instructions. So to speak for dummies. My knowledge begins and ends only with installing packages in Linux.

You can start with these guides:

If you’re using Rocky Linux 8, this may help: Rocky Linux 8 : Postfix : Install : Server World

Though written for CentOS Stream 9, it should apply to Rocky 9: CentOS Stream 9 : Postfix : Install : Server World

They don’t use a database as far as I know, but the premise is the same. This is another article that does use a database:

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Thank you, I looked through all the links that you sent me and the last link I was very interested in. I will try.