Trouble mounting Optical Drives

I have built a new computer. I put a couple of optical drives in it. When I was in the process of installing/mounting hard drives the optical drive UUIDs were showing in blkid. Now suddenly they are not.

The drives are showing (as sr0, and sr1, respectively) in lsblk.

Help would be appreciated. I can’t seem to find any other info on this. Other than asking here, I am at a loss.

I have an optical drive. The lsblk lists /dev/sr0
There is no disk in it. blkid has nothing to show.
When I insert a disk, GNOME automounts it, and blkid shows the UUID of the disk.
If I umount the disk, the UUID is still shown, but if I eject and remove the disk, then there is no UUID to show any more.

Do you have a disk in drive, but see no UUID?

Wow, that was easy. I did have an audio CD in it, and it wasn’t working. Tried data disk, and voila.

Thank you.

I learned something in this process. I have been playing with Linux for a long time, but using as my main daily drive is the best way to really learn.

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Final question: Do you have them listed in /etc/fstab? Generally optical devices should be automounted? Indeed on the bottom right of the panel there is a ^ that if you click on it brings up something called “Status and Notifications” there is something called “Disks & Devices”. Immediately after logging into your home page a symbol will pop up and ask you what type of action do you want to take place.

D’ Cat

I don’t think it’s normal to have the optical drives in ‘/etc/fstab’, but they should show (unmounted) in ‘lsblk’.

I am all good on this. When I asked the question, I thought that Optical drives should be in /etc/fstab.

I did more research and found I was mistaken.

My drives automount.

I thought I was clear in my above post that I figured it out.