The RL 9.2 clone made by clonezilla seems dysfunctional

Hello everyone,
I am trying to clone a system disk running RL 9.2 using clonezilla 3.1.2-22 (the latest version) assuming the clone disk would be as functional as the source disk is. However it is not. The cloning seems to finish successfully, but an attempt to boot the system from the clone ends up in the emergency mode. It loos pretty similar to this topic opened some time ago in this forum.
My system runs KVM and a virtual client system, and maybe this is the reason for this problem - despite I am pretty surprised with the fact this seemingly regular procedure does not work.
When I boot from the RL installation media and enter the rescue mode though it successfully mounts the cloned partitions.
What could be done to make the clone bootable?
Thank you!