The problem of installing the network card driver

My network card is disconnected automatically. I want to try reinstalling the driver

Rocky’s default driver is r8169. The official driver of the network card is r8168. I have installed r8168 and it has been loaded, but my network card is still using the r8169 driver

  1. lspci -nn does show also the exact model, the device ID. It is a bit easier to hunt driver with the ID.
  2. How did you install the driver?

I’m not sure how kernel module is selected when multiple modules offer support for the device ID, but I’ve noticed that some driver packages add “competitors” into blacklist.

Direct decompression drive make&&make install

I found “/usr/lib/modprobe. d/list blacklist. conf” and added blacklist r8169 to it, but it was useless

I uninstalled the r8169 network card driver. The host is at home, and the ssh connection is unavailable,

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