System Monitoring Widget for Rocky Linux

Hi Everyone,
I want any System monitoring Widget for my machine, I try more then 3 Widget but that all are not working Can anyone help me for that.

Good morning. Graphical or terminal-based per se? run the htop command on the terminal, it shows nearly anything you need to monitor your local machine.

Graphical widgets, depending on the desktop environment you’re using, e.g: if you are using gnome, there’s “system monitor” for your desktop system-monitor - GNOME Shell Extensions

I hope these are useful for you!

I personally like gkrell
It is small, like a widget :slight_smile:
Available in dnf:

From dnf info gkrellm:
Name : gkrellm
Version : 2.3.11
Release : 1.el8
Architecture : x86_64
Size : 2.5 M
Source : gkrellm-2.3.11-1.el8.src.rpm
Repository : @System
From repo : epel
Summary : Multiple stacked system monitors in one process
License : GPLv3+
Description : GKrellM charts CPU, load, Disk, and all active net interfaces
: automatically. An on/off button and online timer for the PPP
: interface is provided, as well as monitors for memory and swap usage,
: file system, internet connections, APM laptop battery, mbox style
: mailboxes, and temperature sensors on supported systems. Also
: included is an uptime monitor, a hostname label, and a clock/calendar.
: Additional features are:
: * Autoscaling grid lines with configurable grid line resolution.
: * LED indicators for the net interfaces.
: * A gui popup for configuration of chart sizes and resolutions.

It is shown below with all measurements shown, you can easily pick and choose what measurements you want, and make it much less tall.

If you are using Gnome, System Monitor is a core app, although it is a full screen app, not a small widget size:

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