System freeze with copy big file

I installed rocky linux version 9.1.
My issue is with copying a 100GB VMWare file, from external HD to SSD, /home partition.
After some time of copying, the whole system crashes and I can no longer use it and only forcing the restart but the OS comes back corrupted, being necessary to reinstall to use it again.
I have 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, swap 15GB.
Please does anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue?

Are you sure the ssd is a real ssd and not one of the fakes that tell the os they are so-and-so big, but they’re really a small capacity drive with custom firmware that overwrites data when it gets full.

What does df tell you after you do the initial installation.

What happens if you try filling the available space with something else:

dd if=/dev/zero of=reallybigfile bs=1M

That will run until it runs out of storage space. (Don’t worry – it will tell you when that happens and stop running at that point.

ls reallybigfile and see how big it really is, i.e. how much space you really have available on that ssd.

Now rm reallybigfile.

Does everything still work? Is the os corrupted again?

I see issues with copying all the time ( on 8.7 & KDE ). If I copy ( rsync , cp, mv etc ) large files (e 30G) , the pc becomes unusable: keyboard jams/repeats/doesn’t respond, ui the same. Wait until the copy finishes and it always goes back to normal. ( 32GB Ram and a Xeon processor, various HDs, about 8yrs old ). I would put money on there being a fundamental bug in the OS software somewhere - I’ve seen posts on the same thing while trying to resolve but all from a while back so I suspect its going unnoticed because it doesn’t manifest with typical (server) use and modern hardware etc. I see similar behaviour (consistently) if I plug an android phone in on one usb bus but not on another.

Note that anything reporting copy progress is likely wrong and will tell u its finished when in reality it has only finished writing to a buffer and will not complete until written to the physical device ( much later ) - chk any command progress options to specify actual write as opposed to buffered writes.

You were right, and I was tricked.
I tried running dd if=/dev/zero of=realbigfile bs=1M and the maximum I got was a 53GB file. I put a common HD and managed to copy without problem. I was thinking it was something to do with the USB drive and again I was wrong.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards.