Support for PHP 5.4.19 on Rocky linux 8.6 with arm64 architecture

Is PHP 5.4.19 supported for Rocky Linux 8.6 with arm64 architecture ?
If not then what is the minimum version of PHP supported over above release and architecure.


By default the lowest version of PHP available is 7.2. Remi does make PHP packages, but unfortunately not for arm64. Otherwise PHP 5.6 would be possible, but discouraged due to lack of updates.

If you really want to use PHP 5.4 , better to go with Centos 7. its available on arch64 and supported until Jun 30th, 2024. Offering PHP 5.4 as its base package

If not restricted with PHP version better to go PHP 7.4 or higher with Rocky Linux , on ARM64 PHP 7.4 is offering many performance improvements.

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Thanks for you response.
will go with PHP 7.4 or higher for Rocky linux on arm64 architecture.

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BTW which arm64 hardware are you using ?
We are evaluating AWS Graviton2 servers and performance is looking impressive.

We are also validating on AWS Graviton2 servers.