Static network info

In centos7.9 i wrote a first boot script that sets the host, network and ifcfg file with static network info and then script file gets deleted after 1st boot. This works well in centos7.9. But in my rocky build the network file in /etc/sysconfig network is missing the network info and the ifcfg file has no static info.

The reason is the network device cant be located for some odd reason. The system has 2 network card both on board 1 10G and other 1G NICs. Same system on centos7.9 works fine via static ip.

My kickstart network starts off and installs via dhcp but after installs changes to static.

How is everyone else setting the static ip for kickstarted hosts? I cant set a single static ip in ks.cfg file as each host that uses the ks.cfg file will have different ip and host name.