SSSD core dumps on Rocky 9.2 intermittently

Hi, we’re almost ready to migrate to Rocky 9.2 off of Centos. The only thing holding us back is sssd service fails from time to time and people cannot connect their Teradici client to the host until sssd cache is cleaned. It’s very intermittment and sometimes days go by without problems. I suspect it’s caused by PCOIP, but I’m not 100% positive. I have a support ticket with Teradici and have been sharing pcoip log bundles and core dumps from sssd_be and they aren’t able to figure it out. You can see when running “systemctl status sssd” that there are core dumps in the status.

Just curious if anyone has experienced this. I did see one message in journalctl logs that it might be a vendor issue. I also get wolfSSL errors in logs and broken pipes, but that might be a symptom rather than the cause. For now I’m thinking of just monitoring /var/lib/systemd/coredumps for new files and triggering “sss_cache -E” to automatically clean cache so people can connect their PCOIP sessions. This isn’t a good long term solution though.

I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this? It’s very difficult to pin down since it’s not reproducable and I have to wait until someone complains that authentication is failing through PCOIP.


Can you provide output of sudo coredumpctl dump ?

Right now it’s clear on my test machines. Strangely they have been behaving for a couple of weeks. Before there were days where it’d produce 5 - 10 dumps. I’ll follow up when it happens again. All I can say is it’s sssd_be that was producing them. I don’t know if some libraries have updated recently. I was going to try Rocky 9.3 as well. Not the most satisfying if it clears up on it’s own, but at this point I’ll take the W. I just want to get past this.

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