Sound Card in not install

Hello, I just installed Rocky Linux, before that I was working with Fedora, today I noticed that I can’t hear any sound from the computer, I found this command by searching the Internet
lsmod | grep -i snd_intel
Result : snd_intel_dspcfg 32768 2 snd_hda_intel,snd_sof_intel_hda_common
snd_intel_sdw_acpi 20480 2 snd_sof_intel_hda_common,snd_intel_dspcfg
And I came to this conclusion,And what I realized from this output is that these two files are not installed I wanted to know how I can solve this problem


The output is showing that modules are indeed installed and are loaded, so if soundcard is the intel one it should be working.

Assuming the soundcard is inbuilt could you please provide the output of: lspci -v

Also what’s the output device set to in the sound settings?

Thanks Tom.

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Try adding snd_hda_intel.dmic_detect=0 to the grub commandline on bootup and see what happens.

Thank you for your answer. How can I enter and exit grub?

Hi Tom, thank you for your reply. I executed the command and got this output. It also shows this in the settings in the sound section

In terminall :
Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation Device 2291 (rev a1)
Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device 8a4f
Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 17
Memory at 82080000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K]
Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel
Kernel modules: snd_hda_intel
In setting : Output Device : Dummy Output


No other device to choose from?

In the grub menu, press e. New entry should look like this:

crashkernel=auto resume=/dev/mapper/rl-swap rhgb quiet snd_hda_intel.dmic_detect=0

press ctrl-x to boot.

This isn’t permanent change, its just for testing.

Regards Tom.

Thanks to all the friends who helped me. I had to delete and reinstall it due to circumstances, and now my problem seems to be solved. Thanks for your help.