[SOLVED] How to install KEEPASS in rocky linux

i have extracted the folder and tried ./configure && make && make install.

i have downloaded keepassx-2.0.3.tar.gz
how can i install ?


Open the file named INSTALL.


mkdir build
cd build
make [-jX]

Common cmake parameters:



make install [DESTDIR=X]

Create a bundle on Mac:
make package

Run tests:

make test [CTEST_OUTPUT_ON_FAILURE=1] [ARGS+=-jX] [ARGS+="-E testgui"]

OS specific instructions:

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Thanks, i dont under this.

[username@device-name keepassx-2.0.3]$ su -
[root@device-name ~]# mkdir build
[root@device-name ~]# cd build
[root@device-name build]# cmake [CMAKE PARAMETERS] 
bash: cmake: command not found...
Similar command is: 'make'
[root@device-name build]# ^C
[root@device-name build]# 

please help me out

The README.md says qt4 is required. It would take too long to figure out that part of it.

Do you have to compile it? you can use ‘dnf install keepass’.

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dnf install keepass

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you are a life saver sir,

thank you very much

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Safety suggestion: Do not build as root. Use regular account. Only the “make install” to /usr/local requires elevated privileges. Preferably install to location, where you can write to as regular user.