Shrink Rocky Linux disk and virtual disk

I have installed Rocky Linux on a VMWare VM.
I created a 1TB drive that I need to shrink. Thanks to Ubuntu Live by commands and by an included APP I was able to shrink the partition and the disk.
The bad part is that now Rocky Linux won’t boot.
I can go back because I have a snapshot.
How can I shrink that 1TB disk in Rocky Linux and boot to then shrink the virtual disk in VMWare by cloning the VM?

If you only just created it, I’m guessing it doesn’t have any data in it. Better would be start again and install it with a proper partition layout that doesn’t use all the space. I would only worry about resizing if there was data on it that you didn’t want to lose/restore from a backup, or for example the way the machine was configured for use. But a new install, just start again from zero.

Shrinking varies depending on the filesystem in use, ext3/4 only support shrinking, xfs does not. So it also depends what file system you used. If the default, then was xfs, and so means you cannot shrink it.

Hello, thanks for the quick response. Yes it is XFS.
But in this VM it is created from scratch, but it is a test that I am doing on another Rocky Linux that does have production data and I cannot start from scratch.