Setting of 'root' password value fails during Kickstart

Though I believe that it ‘did’ work for the 8.4rc1 installation, I encountered an issue where Kickstart fails (just before reaching the %post process) when attempting to set the ‘root’ password value (as defined in the host-config file).
It turned out to be an issue identified 4 years ago:

If the “selinux=0” setting within the PXE Boot (01- file) isn’t present, along with the “inst.selinux=0” setting, Kickstart doesn’t have the ability to set the value (can’t modify /etc/shadow ?).

When the host-config file is initially accessed by the Kickstart process, it displays the ‘deprecated’ message for any ‘non inst.*’ values, which is why I had removed the “selinux=0” setting.

If the deprecation is enforced in future releases, will this disable the ability to install the O/S ?