I noticed this post 9.4 package became available today. Is this a Rocky specific update, not in RHEL?

If it exists in Rocky, it exists in RHEL.

root@rhel9 ~]# dnf info selinux-policy

Installed Packages
Name         : selinux-policy
Version      : 38.1.35
Release      : 2.el9_4
Architecture : noarch
Size         : 25 k
Source       : selinux-policy-38.1.35-2.el9_4.src.rpm
Repository   : @System
From repo    : rhel-9-for-x86_64-baseos-rpms
Summary      : SELinux policy configuration
URL          :
License      : GPLv2+
Description  : SELinux core policy package.
             : Originally based off of reference policy,
             : the policy has been adjusted to provide support for Fedora.

As Rocky is 1:1 with RHEL, there won’t be packages in Rocky that RHEL doesn’t have.

The change log states why this package was built.

* Fri May 17 2024 Release Engineering <> - 38.1.35-2.0.2
- Rebuild package to address build system issue
- Ensure that selinux macro matches upstream

* Thu Mar 14 2024 Zdenek Pytela <> - 38.1.35-2
- Rebuild
Resolves: RHEL-26663
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Sometimes packages must be adapted to add support for the distribution specific build system. Sometimes its only a second rebuild and to maintain the update path the version must be bumped. Mostly all packages that have .0.n after the disttag fall into this category.

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Sorry, I mean the suffix ‘.0.2’ won’t be expected to show up in RHEL…